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The Nikken Business Opportunity:  A Review

Fellow Entrepreneurs: I would like to present you with a  Q&A  review of a Company named Nikken  that we at IEService have been affiliated with for several years.  If you are looking for a new niche like Health/Wealthness or if you are already in the Health/Wellness niche, you may find an interest in their  products and opportunities.  As you read through the information, always remember, Information is not Knowledge.


Company Name:  NIKKEN

Company Website:

CEO:  Kurt H. Fulle……..Mr. Fulle, Chairman, Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer joined Nikken in 2003 as Controller and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer within 18 months.  In 2006, he was also named Chief Operating Officer and assumed responsibility for business operations.  Before joining Nikken, Mr. Fulle, served in the same capacity in the durable markets industries.  His 21 years of manufacturing and seven years of public accounting experience enable him to help guide Nikken in the pursuit of best practices.

Membership Cost/Fees:  $100.00 yearly renewal fee to become a Nikken Independent Consultant.

Nikken Logo: Discover It-means learn about Nikken,  Live It-means experiencing the Active Wellness lifestyle by using the products. Share It-means the more people you introduce to the Nikken products and income opportunity, the more you earn.

Iesaffiliatenewbie Rank: 3.8 out of 5 stars.

The Nikken Mission

Is both simple and inspirational—–To Help People Discover Active Wellness.  Since 1975, Nikken has provided the innovative products and income opportunity to live in balance and to share the message of every home a Wellness Home. Nikkens action plan and easy to understand compensation plan create the infinite possibilities of building a better future for everyone.  It all begins with you and your commitment to ;

The Five Pillars of Wellness

Healthy Mind

Healthy Body

Healthy Family

Healthy Society

Healthy Finance

Tell Me About The Nikken Business Opportunity

Nikken offer’s you the chance to build a successful business based on tried and tested methods. the Nikken business model, network marketing, enables you to start your own business at a fraction of the cost of setting up a traditional business.  You will have a good support team around you while you enjoy the opportunity  to purchase and sell unique Nikken products that you won’t find elsewhere. You can also introduce others to the Nikken business, helping them to live life in balance.

What Are The Benefits of a Nikken Business?

You earn while you learn.

It’s an equal opportunity for anyone, no matter the age, race, gender, ethnicity or educational background.

You can choose to run your business full time or part time to fit your lifestyle.

You won’t have any of the financial risks that come with setting up a traditional business.

You have the opportunity to grow an International Business.

You get a Personal Web Page to Help run Your Business.

What About their Support System?

Nikken will support you with the systems, products and other collateral to build a successful business.  You will also get help from the Independent Consultant who introduced you to the business.  There is a Blog on the home page full of information for Independent Consultants to learn from.

Did You Say I Could Grow an International Business?

Yes, once you join and become an Independent Nikken Consultant, you can take your business as far as you want by becoming an International Independent Nikken Consultant. Nikken Consultants are given a non-exclusive right to promote the company, recruit entrepreneurs to market Nikken, market products and business opportunities in any Nikken global market unit. All consultants are responsible for researching and complying with all immigration, visa, employment, registration requirements,rules, tax requirement and other demands of the foreign country prior to conducting business in a foreign country.

Other Benefits of Becoming an International Nikken Consultant

Enroll in all market units at one time

Same Pin and Rank in all market units

Manage global activities from home

Recruit prospects in different market units

How Do You Earn Money?

Independent Consultants  earn your money in 2 ways. You retail Nikken’s unique line of products to Customers building your base. And, you introduce new Consultants to the business.  Building your network enables you to earn a commission from their sales as well as your own.  You have a worldwide audience if you go International. As you grow your business you will earn higher rankings as a Sponsor and Leader.  Take a glance at the 2016 Average Consultant Income Sheet.  Take note of the different levels of rank for Sponsor and Leadership development. All of this will be explained when you visit the Nikken website.


What type of Products does Nikken Sponsor?

Nikken only markets their own unique lineup of Products for the Health and Wellness Niche.  Check out the list of products below from the Nikken Website.  They are unique and only sold by Nikken. In the conclusion we will extend you an invitation to visit my personal web page so you can see the products firsthand.

The Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s

Health and Wellness is a great niche!

You have a platform to expand to an International Level.

Opportunity to Market Nikken’s unique line of products.

Excellent Compensation Package

You get your own Personal Web Page to Market Products and Opportunities.

The Con’s

You can only Market Nikken’s unique line of products.

Products are excellent but general public may find the products too pricey.

Your business could depend on heavily on the retailing of Nikken Products.


Nikken is not a get rich quick scheme.   Your success will be directly proportionate to the amount of work and effort you are willing to put into your Nikken Home based business. It is a Product driven company.  All commissions and bonuses are based on sales of products to retail customers.  Since their products are unique, it will be your responsibility to get to know and understand their products. Your success will depend on that.

The Nikken opporutnity is a good opportunity but I would not recommend it for every Entrepreneur.  Nikken has the philosophy that  No legitimate Nikken business can be built on promises made to help someone else “build their business”. 

I would only recommend Nikken for those entrepreneurs looking to get into the Wellness/Health niche along with selling a unique line of  health products. Nikken is about selling Nikken products. You can balance , build  & monetize your business by introducing and bringing in New Consultants but it needs to be balanced with selling Nikken Products.  With that being said Nikken has plenty of unique products for an entrepreneur to experience, write reviews and market from a web page.

I would not recommend this opportunity to Newbies or First Time Entrepreneurs. The frustration could have you Avoiding the Internet Marketer’s Graveyard!  I would recommend it for the health/wellness specialist or more seasoned entrepreneurs with an established data base.  For Newbies and First Time Entrepreneurs, I would look to another platform and leave Nikken for the Health Specialist and Seasoned Entrepreneurs.

In fact, at Iesaffiliatenewbie  we recommend   WEALTHY AFFILIATE AS THE BEST ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM, for Newbies and First Time Entrepreneurs.

Please Do The Following;

Click the link to my Personal Web Page at Nikken and take a quick tour, make sure you visit the following links, Products, Company, Opportunity and Blog.


If you are interested in becoming an Independent Nikken Consultant, please contact me, “Professor B”,  at  .   Once I receive your email, I will respond or an IEService Associate will contact you immediately to handle your request.  Please visit our websites at or

Please feel free to leave us a comment.  We would love to hear from you




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  1. Thank you,
    I had heard of Nikken but don’t know their products so went searching and am glad to have found your review. Thanks for this great article on Nikken. I’ve been hearing so many people talk about it lately that I’ve been dying to know more.

    Unfortunately, like many other people, I’ve had mixed experiences with MLM’s over time. So I’d really like to get your personal experience in the niche. How successful are you working with Nikken? What level have you been able to reach and how long did it take you to get there?

    Also, the products do seem unique, can you tell me the top 3 selling products?
    Thanks in advance, John

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