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Fellow Entrepreneurs, after you read this you will discover the Internet Marketing Training  Club Is  

A Great Resource for Online Marketers


Name: Internet Marketing Training Club

Owner:  Nick James


Current Price:   $27.00 for a monthly membership. IMTC does off group memberships.

IESNewbieAffiliate Rank: 4.7 out of  5 stars.


Internet Marketing Training Club Overview Plus Benefits

The Internet Marketing Training Club “IMTC” is a popular destination for Digital Marketers, Product Developers and Online Entrepreneurs.  Membership provides access to the popular private members only discussion forum together with access to numerous other resources and benefits.  When you click the:

You Will Have Access To The Following Benefits!

Monthly Full Length PDF Email Newsletters

Full Discussion Forum Support

24/7 Download Library with Access to 120 plus Downloadable Tools

Discounted Web Hosting Accounts to Run Your Businesses

1600 plus How To Articles

100’s of Hours of Audio Interviews

100’s of Web Video Screencast Tutorials

Downloadable Products You Can Use Right Away

Project Idea’s and Examples You Can Use Right Away

Step by Step Blueprints to 300k a Year


Nick James, the Owner Of IMTC

Internet entrepreneur Nick James has been at the forefront of Internet marketing and online product development since 2001. Specialising in new media marketing and innovative web based technologies, Nick James is the webmaster of the Internet Marketing Training Club website, the popular destination for product developers and online entrepreneurs.

Nick is also a full time product developer and has created several software programs, information products and membership websites during his entreprenuerial career which are all published via eShowcase, Inc. of which Nick is President.

Nick regularly hosts teaching webinars for a growing band of online entrepreneurs and is currently working on a major new online broadcasting project called My Social Radio which mixes music radio together with a personal set of his own bespoke marketing disciplines.

Nick is also a ‘Global Angel’ and is actively involved in various fund-raising activities for the International Global Angels Charity. Raising funds to empower children, young people and their communities whether they are living in extreme poverty or disadvantage, devastated environmental conditions, with disability or life threatening illness, are street kids, orphans, child slaves, trafficked kids, or child soldiers.

Nick regularly contributes to a wide variety of publications offering expert tips and advice across a variety of online business topics.

Who Is The  Internet Marketing Training Club For?

The IMTC is for EVERYONE in this Business!  There is a Wealth of Materials at the IMTC  for all types and levels of Marketing and Marketeers.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a Newbie, Intermediate or the most Advanced Marketeer on the Planet.  Everyone Benefits,  whether you are looking to start a business or you already are in Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Development, Coaching, Content Writing, Podcasting, Webinars or Etc.  Whatever, you are looking for or looking to do, you will find it at the Internet Marketing Training Club.



Internet Marketing Club Tools and Training

The IMTC is broken down into several different components where they display and categorize the wealth of materials available to you on their website.  Scroll down to each for a quick review.

The ‘Starting A Business’ section will give you help on subjects such as: Business Aims and Strategies, Choosing Your Market and Business Model, Essential Business Tools as well as steps to get you started and give you the motivation you need.  If you’re just starting out with your new business – or looking to grow one you already have this section of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) will give you a variety of resources and ideas to help.

In the ‘Business Management’ area of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) you’ll see a mix of articles, ideas, tutorials and resources to help you build a stronger, more profitable business. You’ll have access in this area of the IMTC to a variety of Business Management ideas and tutorials covering areas such as: Websites, Hosting, Rules And Regulations, Pricing, Profit and Resource Management.

Affiliate Marketing is an essential part of running an online business whether you’re a beginner looking for products to sell or a product seller looking for more sales. But how do you start and how do make sure you’re using an ethical and honest affiliate program? Using the experience of selling through affiliates across a huge mix of products and markets the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) ‘Affiliate Marketing’ zone includes the essential facts and tutorials to help you thrive.  In the ‘Affiliate Marketing’ zone you’ll have access to key information on subjects such as: Being An Affiliate, Affiliate Platforms, Monitoring and Tracking, Affiliate Tools, Resources and Sales Offers to help you to affiliate success.

Creating Content to support your business and product sales can seem an overwhelming and never ending mountain to climb so this section of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) should be the very help you need.  Running content sites and getting content in place that speaks directly to your intended audience can take up a lot of time, money and stress but with the right tools and resources things can be much simpler! You’ll discover in the IMTC ‘Content Marketing’ section info and tips on subjects such as: Creating and Publishing Content, Automation and Scheduling and running content sites such as Blogs and Social Media pages together with advice and tutorials to help your content be effective to your business.

The ‘Customer Management’ area of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) gives you the essential tutorials, insider tips and articles so that you can manage your customers to better build a profitable business.  You’ll be able to see mix of content covered in the ‘Customer Management’ area covering key things such as: Customer Mailing Lists, Feedback and Complaints, Facebook Groups, Forums and Data Management.  It’s a well known fact that getting repeat business from existing customers is a LOT easier than finding and recruiting new ones. But what do you need to do to keep your customers happy without giving away all your profits?

In the ‘Copy Writing’ section you’ll discover a mix of copy creation content including: Headlines, Articles and Content, Sales Copy, Writing Autoresponders, PR & Publicity, Webinars and Presentations to aid you development of profitable copy and sales messages for your business and products.  Copy Writing is an essential skill to have in your business to drive Traffic, Opt Ins, Conversions and Sales. Even if you outsource your copy to a writer you’ll still need to understand what works and the mistakes to avoid.  Based on a huge range of successful promotions this part of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) will give you a mix of advice, swipes, tutorials and ideas to help.

The ‘Traffic’ section of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) will help you with one of the key parts of your business – getting your offers and products seen by potential customers.  In this section of the IMTC you’ll be able to access a mixture of Traffic generating ideas and resources covering subjects such as: Online and Offline Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Webinars, SEO, Joint Ventures and Advertising to give you the tools and ideas to gain visitors and customers for your offers and products.

The ‘Conversion’ area of the IMTC gives you vital tips, ideas and information so that you can convert your visitors and leads into sales – even if you’re just starting out.  Profitable Conversion is a fundamental part of any business and one that many business owners struggle with but help is on hand in this area of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC).  You’ll be able to see a range of subjects in the ‘Conversion’ area covering essential subjects like: Sales Pages, Tracking & Testing, Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets as well as proven Sales Conversion Tips.

The ‘Courses’ area of the IMTC includes courses that cover multiple areas of running and promoting products and a business.  Members of the Internet Marketing Training Club (IMTC) have access to complete courses that cover different aspects of running and operating a business.

IMTC also sponsors an Affiliate Marketing Program where you can Market IMTC Products and earn up to 50% commission.  Here is one of the highlights:    1. GIVE AWAY FREE REPORTS: We have prepared several PDFs packed with content about a variety of topics. They all come REBRANDED and ready for you to distribute on your website / blog / social media accounts. Using the ‘magic’ of the Internet, these PDFs already contain your affiliate links throughout each page. Whichever product is purchased, you will be rewarded for the sale. Encourage your customers and subscribers to pass these PDFs on to their friends… and their friends, friends. The more these PDFs get passed around, the more commissions you will make.


In the Download Library Area, We store files, pdfs, program examples and other materials which you can download, use and in some cases resell. When you go to the Website and see it for yourself you will be amazed!  The topics listed below is like the small tip of the iceberg.

Sample List of the Most Popular Downloads

10 Ways To Drive Traffic

Sales Letter Autopsy

Fiverr Formula Hot List PDF

1000 Business Ideas

Fiverr Formula Resource Guide

100 Instant PDF Templates

Auction O Matic




Does IMTC Offer Support To It’s Members?

IMTC offers all kinds of Support to IMTC Members.  You can write to Nick James the owner with your specific questions or you can send a question to the Admin Team and last but not least you can always post questions in the Members Forum which is a Training Resource itself. Below is an excerpt of the Forum.

What Are The Pro’s and Con’s of IMTC?

The Pro’s

Pro #1  the IMTC is a Great Resource Organization for All Online Entrepreneurs regardless of your Specialty.

Pro #2  You get Access to a Wealth Of Materials for a Reasonable Monthly Fee.

Pro #3   Monthly Email Newsletter

Pro #4  Great Support for all Your Ideas!

Pro #5   Members Can Join the Affiliate Program and Earn $$$$$$$

The Con’s

Con #1  The IMTC is not a Training Program, it is a Training Club.  The IMTC is not a Training Program in the style of Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer. You can get Training through their many tutorials and how to videos on all aspects of Online Marketing.  When you join the IMTC you will not be presented with a curriculum to learn and study. When you join the IMTC you will have a wealth of Materials to work with and grow your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Member?

$27.00 a Month for a Personal Membership.  IMTC Does Offer Group Memberships if you are looking to share with a Spouse or Business Partners.  If you are Interested in Joining the IMTC, Press the Link Below.

click me


The Internet Marketing Training Club is a very valuable resource.  I can speak from experience because I am a Member/Affiliate  and I use the materials and resources to help build both of my businesses, IEService and IESAffiliateNewbie.  IMTC will work for you, no matter whether you want to start a membership website or you are looking for materials to use as givaways on a landing page, looking for some content to write/post on your website or you wanted a tutorial on C2 Panel or WordPress Tutorials.  Become a member of IMTC and you will not regret it. Once again Press the Link Below to get started.

  click me


Internet Marketing Training Club

Nick James, Owner

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